About us

We provide very secure bespoke software solutions. Gone are the days softwares use to take many man months of development time, we bring software to your doorstep, via productisation of Software as a Platform and help streamline processes for your businesses or enterprise, where most of the softwares are productised to help clients remove bureaucratic development process and chaotic UAT and Implementation.

We identified some high-in-demand web and mobile apps and developed them ready for markets across the globe, the applications has best in industry researched modules and features which are highly customisable and can be integrated with other systems.

Why use Eavova

Team Of Highly Experienced Professionals
    Working In Software Industry Since 2013
  Secured ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
More than 50+ Software Deployed, Sold and Managed


To deliver quality services on timely manner

To work with Company on delivering innovative software solutions and value added services

To deliver and maintain security, reliability and creativity on all our services to clients

To work with companies including SMEs to provide the best secured software solutions


To cater for our client's business needs

To reach as much SME companies and promote software solutions as a business growth mechanism

To welcome and work on fresh ideas especially from the young minds and strive to develop it into innovative solutions